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Online Standardized Patient Experience

As part of "Telehealth Certification for Providers and Educators", please proceed to schedule an appointment with the Patient Scenario below. You will conduct a telehealth visit and receive immediate feedback from the Standardized Patient, as well as a follow-up scorecard with a link to your recorded session. If you have questions, please contact your instructor.

This exercise will take approx. 30 minutes

It will be comprised of:

15-minute Role-play

10-minute Verbal Feedback

You must complete the session between

October 25th - November 1st

Please schedule your session by October 25th in order to secure your desired time slot.

Featured Scenarios

Alex Febbins

Alex Febbins

A 20 year old concerned about worsening abdominal pain (Oct23)

The patient is a 20-year-old concerned about worsening abdominal pain over the past 6 months. This is an ongoing relationship, but you have not seen this patient regularly. This is the first telehealth visit for this patient.